Meta-CDM project

The META-CDM (Multimodal, Efficient Transportation in Airports – Collaborative Decision Making) project aims to define the future of Airport Collaborative Decision Making – a future where the passenger becomes the center of attention.

This project examines the coherence and co-ordination of the many systems that are part of delivering the traveler through an airport, both in everyday operation and during disruptive events.

This is done by considering both as well the airside ands the landside CDM and their effectiveness. One important application of this study is the analysis of the ability of alternative transport modes and communication to minimize personal disruption during crisis situations impacting air transport.

Final Meta-CDM Workshop at ENAC (Toulouse, France)

The 14th and 15 may 2014 workshop is the last of a series of three Meta-CDM workshop.

The main objective of this workshop is to share our vision of a META-CDM concept and get your feedback and views on actions going forward.

The interviews carried out during the previous phase of the peoject gathered Information from airports and other stakeholders in relation to CDM practice during disruptive events, and how the passenger experience can best be optimized under these conditions.

From this knowledge, we have developed ideas for a new ‘concept of operations' for crisis CDM, with emphasis of the passenger perspective that will be presented during the final workshop. For META-CDM, this will contribute to the development of roadmaps to bring available R&D results into operation and define future R&D work that contributes to efficient and intermodal transportation at airports, especially during highly disruptive events.

Registration and Contact

Registration to the workshop and to the workshop dinner are free of charge and can be made on this website.

The 3rd META-CDM Workshop takes place at ENAC premises, located 7 avenue Edouard Belin, 7, avenue E. Belin, BP54005, 31055 Toulouse cedex4.



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